Networks and libraries across the Commonwealth, including OCLN, are wired together to create opportunities for you to gain access to more than 53 million items. Because of this, you can:

  • Download eBooks and audiobooks
  • Reserve books online
  • Borrow a book from a library other than your home library

Last year, OCLN supported libraries circulated 4,499,679 physical items.

In the past five years, eBook downloads at OCLN supported libraries have increased by 210%.

Technology has changed a lot in the past 20 years. But what hasn’t changed is state funding to support library technology and library networks. In fact, this funding is 36% lower than it was in 2001. This funding is critical in keeping networks wired to reach you.

What do you love about your network? We’ll share your anonymous responses with state legislators and your local library officials.

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